Apple Environment Head Visits School in India That Uses Donated iPads

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    AppleInsider reports that Apple’s Environment and Government Affairs head, Lisa Jackson, has visited a school in Rajasthan in India and talked to a group of women known as the “solar mamas,” who have been trained to manufacture and assemble solar lamps.

    Jackson visited a school in Tilonia in the Ajmer region of Rajasthan that is known as “The Barefoot College.” The non-profit organisation is both a community outreach centre as well as a school.

    Although in a very remote location, Barefoot College uses iPads as part of the training programme for students, who attend the college to learn about various technological disciplines such as photovoltaic engineering. Apple has already donated 20 iPads and 10 Macs to the college this year alone.

    The solar mamas themselves not only build solar lanterns, they also set up local electronic workshops in their home towns based on what they learn at Barefoot College on their iPads and other equipment.

    Source: Apple environment chief visits rural Indian school where donated iPads are part of curriculum
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    I don't understand what it is that I am supposed to do.

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