Apple Providing More Than 32,000 Public School Students With iPads

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    AppleInsider reports that Apple has today announced that as part of its commitment to President Obama’s ConnectED plan it has provided access to iPads for the 2016 school year for 32,145 students in underserved public schools. And as part of the same program, Apple has also provided Macs and iPads for over 9,042 teachers.

    Aside from providing all these devices and computers, Apple has also giving ongoing support as part of the same program to 114 schools in 29 states in the US, including 4,434 hours of assistance from Professional Learning Specialists, and upgrades to wireless networking such as providing 189 miles of internet cable infrastructure.

    Source: Apple's ConnectED now serving iPads to more than 9,000 teachers, 32,000 students at 114 underserved schools

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