Apple Distributes Customer-Donated iPads to Impoverished Public Schools

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    Great article on Fortune Tech’s Apple 2.0 blog today following up on what happened to the original iPads that owners donated to Apple back in March, prior to the iPad 2 launch. Philip Elmer-Dewitt explains that the public service iPad-donation program on behalf of Teach for America that had been organised by Apple via its website was finally put into action in August, when ever Teach for America corps member, which adds up to over 9,000 people in 38 states, was offered a free iPad (if they wanted one of course!). Following the end of the registration period the iPads were then shipped out to the Teach for America personnel over the weekend just gone and the previous weekend. All the iPads would have gone to schools in very run down areas that could really make use of them. I think that possibly the best part of this story is the quote at the end from Katie Remington, one of the teachers who was given a donated iPad and who took it to her inner-city high school in St. Louis, where she is the head of the science department, and who said, “I’ve figured out it can make them finish their work fast for ‘iPad time’â€.

    Source: Apple finds a use for some of those first-generation iPads - Apple 2.0 - Fortune Tech
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    Ipads for Communication Devices.

    :(Where do you find out information on getting donated Ipads, I need some in my class for my disabled students.
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