Analyst Predicts Apple Will Release iPad Mini and 4G iPhone 5 With NFC in 2012

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Jan 3, 2012.

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    Ticonderoga Securities analyst Brian White, who had Apple as his top stock pick for 2011 last year, has, BGR reports, also picked Apple as his top stock for 2012. In a research note issued on Tuesday, White explained that he had once again chosen Apple as his favoured stock because of the rich promise of the three new products that he believes the company will be releasing this year, namely iPad mini, iTV, and a completely redesigned iPhone 5. BGR notes that White first put forward the idea of Apple releasing an iPad mini back in October 2011. However, although the term suggests that he thinks Apple will be releasing a smaller iPad, he was actually meaning ‘mini’ in terms of price, rather than size. In fact, he seems to share Digitimes’ view that Apple will be releasing two iPads this year, one in the higher price bracket, and one in the ‘mini’ price range of around $200.

    Turning to the iPhone 5, Ticonderoga say that it will have a completely different look, with a bigger screen and new “unibody form factor†as well as a major feature upgrade, including NFC (Near Field Communication) and 4G.

    Finally, White adds his voice to those who say that the iTV is coming in 2012, saying that he believes that Apple will launch a “Smart TV that delivers a clean, crisp and simple experience that connects seamlessly with the Apple digital ecosystem.†Looks like we’re in for another exciting year!

    Source: iTV, 'iPad mini' and iPhone 5 with NFC, 4G extend Apple lead in 2012
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    The idea of iPad Mini is a pure joke ... it is a knee jerk reaction to Kindle Fire and other ineffective 7" slate size screens because they can be made up using existing bulk technology for less money, that are being offered below cost at $200. Apple has already done the studies that show the 9.7" screen is the ideal size. iPhone 4 and 4s are the ideal size to work as a phone and computer that can be easily carried in a pocket. The in-between size won' make it because 500,000 apps would have to be re-done to look good on a smaller screen. This won't happen. When you have a manufacturing production line for 40 million products per year, you don't just say lets change the case, make it prettier (what ever that means, but just be different ... duh).

    This approach to business planning and marketing is high schoolish in nature ... but is really far from real world actions, like Apple is makes the most desirable mobile products in the world, and they are profitable. The competition is scrambling to be different, and they are, but they are not profitable. Your guidance is lacking factual driving forces. My opinion and it is just a valid... because that is what is really happening.

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