Another Analyst Predicts 200% Increase in Sales for iPad in Q3

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    Since Apple published its Q2 results last week showing iPad sales of 4.69 million for the quarter, which were slightly below expected, several analysts have been weighing in with their estimates for Q3. Most of them have predicted that iPad sales will pick up by Q3, but today’s revenue and EPS estimates from Asymco’s Horace Dediu, as reported by BGR, are the most optimistic of all so far. Dediu says that he expects overall revenue growth of 65% to $25.8 billion and EPS growth of 72% to $6.02 for Apple, and as far as the iPad in particular is concerned, Dediu believes that the tablet’s Q3 sales will balloon by 200% year-over-year, to 9.8 million, mainly because he thinks that Apple will have eliminated the supply problems that were the primary cause of the lower sales figures in Q2. Also, as BGR points out, the iPad 2 will be going on sale in more countries in the next quarter, which will also boost sales. As far as the accuracy of Dediu’s estimate is concerned, BGR notes that he has a good track record with the accuracy of his past predictions.

    Source: iPad 2 sales to balloon 200% this quarter according to analyst | BGR

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