Analyst Says Apple Will No Longer Be Cool in 2012

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Jan 3, 2012.

By Maura on Jan 3, 2012 at 2:50 PM
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    Within the past few days we've been reporting on lots of analysts and pundits who have been voicing their predictions for Apple's performance in 2012, and most of them have been glowing, to say the least, but Brian Deagon at Investor’s Business Daily appears to be swimming against the generally positive tide of expert opinion with his pronouncement that Apple will be seen to stumble in 2012, mainly because, he says, the Samsung Galaxy is a “cooler†phone than the iPhone, which he says is “boxy, flat and feeling stale.†Deagon goes on to say that the supremacy of Apple’s iOS platform will be threatened by the continued growth of Google’s Android OS platform in 2012. “Smartphones and tablets will become commodity items and Apple will be eaten by the collective Android gang,†he predicts. Deagon concludes his bleak prediction for Apple by saying that the TV market is the “next big hope†for Apple, but he says that success in this field will not be easy to achieve, given Samsung’s current dominance of that market.

    Source: 2012 Tech Predictions: Apple, Google+, Twitter Will Flail; Amazon, IBM, Facebook Will Fly -, via Apple will stop being cool in 2012, IBD says


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Jan 3, 2012.

    1. MrLuke
      I have to admit that's all valid stuff. But I think he's forgotten that I probably speak for most when I say I don't buy apple products because they're 'cool' I buy the because they're the best on the market. Android really need to pull out their finger in my opinion to compete. Currently their software isn't exactly designed for tablets and there is only a small amount of apps out that are tablet compatible. As nice as it would be to see other successful competitors apple has one heck of a head start.

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    2. Destroyer
      Because Apple products are cool..!! Really give me a break..!! lol What about the quality and user experience.! But off course I agreed that the better Android gets Apple is force to be better so we get a benefit from that.

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    3. oddbod1963
      Do you know if there is a free java app for the iPad that will allow me to play games that require java
    4. MrLuke
      Welcome to the forum. If I were you I'd search the forum using the search bar to find your answer. If you can't find anything, then think about opening a new thread as this way your more likely to get an answer :).

      Proud owner of a 32GB wifi iPad2 iOS5.
    5. madhatter61
      Brian Deagon at Investor’s Business D...

      Here's a so-called analyst that is caught up in gross numbers ... thinks a great phone is out of date because the case hasn't changed, but has superior performance inside, and lumps all Android platform phone together and compares the dumb phone and smart phone into one category.

      This is so inappropriate and misleading. Why don't you compare Samsung, HTC, phones individually against iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s. Two quite different phones. Siri and iCloud are fantastic technologies that are yet to be fully developed. It is the total experience that will prevail. Not the specsmanship of Geeksville that has been the model of the Microsoft/Intel PC world of the past. Mobile is a different world. And the world is moving into a much more involved digital world.

      Brian is throwing out ideas that support FUD ... fear, uncertainty and doubt. Get real, learn the real market facts then report honestly.
    6. oddbod1963
      How do I start a new thread?
    7. SweetPoison
    8. AdmiralAdama
      Sooooooooo it means Deagon has shorted Apple stock hoping that it craters. Happens all the time. But remember, say with me now,
      "financial markets can not be manipulated."

      As for why I prefer an iDevice ..... Simplicity of ease and clean applications.

    9. Poisonivy
      Apple will always be "cool"

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