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Discussion in 'iPad for Photographers' started by Diane B, Jul 20, 2017.

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    I'm surprised no one has posted in this forum about this app--which finally became available. I'm a long long time user of Photo apps on Windows and then on Mac OS but I've come to love the Ipad for use with photography. I've waited for this app because I like using the Pencil on the 12.9 Ipad Pro in various photo apps or Astropad in conjunction with my Macbook/PS or LR (I have used large Wacom graphic apps for years). Affinity took me a bit to adjust to its ways of using tools and menus but I really do like it, am working on a workflow (to eventually upload to external drives via Macbook). Its a very well done photo app and if I work out other things besides the processing will likely drop my Adobe CC for PHotoshop and Lightroom. Its well worth the price (not sure if its still $20 on sale or the full $30 now) if you do process your own photos from RAW or jpeg. They have a well done group of tutes for the Ipad version and once you feel comfortable with the tools you can use the very large group of tutes for the Mac version and relate them to the Ipad tools. Printing from the app is problematical I understand--I don't print too much any more and Lightroom had an outstanding method for printing with my big Epson but if you do, expect to export in order to print.
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    Thank you for the quick review.

    I've heard good things about Affinity Photo, but haven't needed anything beyond what I get from the Photos app. Not lately anyway. My interest and activity with photography goes through cycles, and right now I'm in casual opportunity mode rather than active persuit. When my interst peaks again, I'll probalby take a closer look at Affinity.
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    Apr 26, 2011
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    Thanks Diane for the review on Affinity Photo for iOS - I have their macOS app on both of my laptops (a $50 purchase) and bought because of excellent reviews and comments from several posters on the Mac Forums; however, I've not gotten into the program much at all (kind of feel like TP above, i.e. I seem to be in a non-photo phase relative to computer use) - BUT, the app that I've liked and used on my iPad for more complex photo editing is Photoshop Touch, which is no longer in the App Store and will not work on the next iOS upgrade - but, $29 is rather steep for the Affinity offering, which may not see much activity in my hands?

    However, for others wanting a more 'sophisticated' photo editor for the iPad, then would certainly be a consideration in my mind - also, Affinity has a forum (pic below) for those w/ questions (just asked whether I could get a discount owning the macOS app?). Dave :)

    ADDENDUM: Seems to be no iPad app discount if you own the macOS version - a future sale and discount is likely still a possibility?
    Screen Shot 2017-07-20 at 5.34.22 PM.png
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    I would be downloading some app to edit my RAW photos. Lightroom free trial is active, the pricing of creative cloud clubbed with Lightroom by adobe is too high. I guess, I would go for Affinity photo eventually.

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