The Lightroom Photo Workflow iOS Apps are now Completely free to Use

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    Adobe has updated its lineup of mobile apps, also bringing a new version of Lightroom, the company's iOS-based photo editing app. Adobe made the app available to all users, thus removing the need for a subscription to Creative Cloud.

    Previously, the free Lightroom app was dependent on the desktop version of Lightroom and it required users to have one of Adobe's Creative Cloud subscription plans. Now Lightroom can be downloaded by all iOS users at no cost and used to manage and edit photos on iOS indefinitely.

    The Next Web was the first to highlight the change to Lightroom, and here's what Adobe's director of product management for digital imaging Tom Hogarty had to say:

    "We're seeing alot of people come in first on Lightroom mobile, so now we're allowing people to use it locally on their local assets, their local photos and videos on their phone and tablet for as long as they like. More and more people are adopting the phone as their primary camera, taking the DSLR out less and less, and we're seeing the same thing with the use of Lightroom. Some users are creative pros who are aiming for efficiency, but many others are just consumers who love photography."

    Adobe has also updated the apps with several other improvements, such as a built-in camera, a Dehaze tool, and a Targeted Adjustment tool for manipulating colors in specific areas of a photo. The apps additionally have hooks with Photoshop Fix and Premiere Clip, the latter of which still requires an Adobe ID.

    Source: TheNextWeb
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