Adobe to launch the mobile version of photo-editing software Lightroom for iPad

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    When it comes to photo editing, Adobe is one of the companies with the biggest expertise in this field. Now, according to the 9to5Mac publication, the mobile version of Lightroom for iPad users could soon be launched, as the publication found references to Lightroom for Mobile on Adobe’s official website.

    The webpage was quickly pulled off when 9to5Mac contacted Adobe for more details. By using Adobe’s Lightroom software for the iPad, photo editors will be able to manage bulks of high-resolution photos. Also, the app is expected to go in-line with the new iOS 7 design aesthetic. The app will allegedly use iPad’s processing power in order to edit RAW files right from a digital SLR camera, which is an impressive feature.

    The single drawback regarding the potential launch of the Adobe Lightroom iOS is its price - a $99 yearly fee. But this product is apparently aimed at professional photographers that travel a lot, as Lightroom for iPad will be able to sync with other devices like a Mac or PC via Adobe’s Creative Cloud system. So, users won’t have to store extremely large RAW image files on your iPad, as they will rely on the cloud.

    Source: 9to5Mac
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    $99/year? Are they kidding? I get all their software for $20/month now.

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