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    The iPad is a great resource for students. It's compact and easy to carry around unlike a lot of books and notebooks. So you would want to get your iPad to college to take notes on and replace your notebooks but there's one problem.The iPad doesn't come with an attachable keyboard.So you need a keyboard. This is where Adonit comes in, they make one of the best iPad keyboards around.
    The Adonit Writer Plus is available in 3 colors Black, Turquoise and Red and it's priced at $79.99 for the black version, for the rest $84.99

    Basically, it's a Bluetooth keyboard and a folio case. You buy one you get two. It has that Apple Smart Cover-style flap that covers and protects your screen when you're not using it. It rocks the same sleep functionality like the Smart Cover. You close it and will go to sleep, you open it and will wake, exactly like the Smart Cover. Quite nice for a keyboard case if I may.

    The fabric flaps are lined with a high-quality microfiber material that feels top notch under your palms.

    The keyboard is made of aluminium, it's slim and sexy ass hell. And it's detachable too! The best part? You can use it on your iPad 2(the smart cover functionality may not function), iPad 3 , iPhone 4 , iPhone 4s and I'm pretty sure you can use it with your laptop, desktop heck you can put it to use you have a media center rig, no more ugly and bulky keyboards around the living room ! So there you have it, a full multi-purpose device.

    The materials used in this Keyboard Folio are top notch, premium stuff. Starting with the Aluminium that's used for the keyboard, with the interior suede cushions and the exterior rubber cover or polyurethane depends on the color you choose.

    Look & Feel

    Let me tell you, this unit looks incredible. When you first see the box you begin to acknowledge this is not one of those chinese products, this is a premium product.
    I live in Europe so I had to ship it here from the US. So, I get to the post office, they open up to check the package, standard stuff. They were intrigued by the looks, even asked me where they can get one.

    The material on the fabric flaps is so nice when you touch it and will protect the keyboard and tablet from scratches.

    Let's talk about the keys

    The keys aren't as big as your desktop keyboard, it's something like the love child of the Macbook Air with a netbook. Better than a netbook, almost as good as the Mcbook Air. It features the same chiclet key design as Apple's line. On top of the normal keys, you get a few special functions ones that when you press them will act like the Home button on your iPad, the Lock button. Also, it has the Spotlight Search, shortcut to the Photo Gallery, copy, cut, paste and highlighting of text can be done all through the Adonit keyboard.

    Using it

    You just the iPad in place and slide the on/off button and press the + button for 3 seconds, then you go to your bluetooth settings on the iPad and pair it up with the keyboard, pretty straightforward. The On/Off button is a little tough to slide it to your desired position, but that's quite that bad as you might think. You need something like a pen to slide it.

    When you use the keyboard you'll notice that the keys are soft and super silent, and if you want to use it for taking notes you won't be that guy that bothers the whole class while typing. The keys aren't too small or too big, they are OK but I would of liked if they somehow managed to increase the size of the keys without increasing the size of the whole keyboard. Also there are some cool special function keys you won't touch the screen ! It's like you have transformed the tablet into a notebook.

    You can adjust the angle of the tablet and keyboard with the help of that magnetic strip.You can use it comfortably on any surface, on a desk, bus, even your lap, and that's a big deal for me.It stays in one place, it doesn't rattle or anything it works beautifully.

    The iPad snaps right into the designated place and has a quick release button.

    The Adonit Writer Plus is rechargeable and has a battery life of about 15-20 hours of use. I used it for 2 weeks / 2-2:30 hours a day and then I had to recharge it via the micro-usb provided cable. It will fully charge in about 3 hours.

    Bottom Line

    The Adonit Writer Plus for the new iPad is a great product, made with high quality materials and of top of that has a few 'smart' features.

    The Good:
    - Great Design and Build Quality
    - Thin and Light
    - Detachable Keyboard, Adjustable Angles
    - Works with iPad 3, iPad 2 ( though the Smart Cover functionality may not work) tested with the iPhone 4 & 4S, Your Laptop and Desktop Computer

    The Bad:
    - Power Button may be a hassle to use
    - The suede microfiber gets dirty and dusty quite fast and it's a pain to get the dirt out.

    If you need a keyboard for your iPad this is a good choice.For the $79.99
    you pay you get a lot, premium materials, great features, sexy looks.
    Is this the best keyboard for your iPad? I don't know, I haven't tested them all. But I did test a few and the prices were similar, and they either were bad or had something wrong with them or at most they were decent. There may be nicer keyboards out there but know this the Adonit Writer Plus won't disappoint you. It looks damn sexy and works well.


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