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    There are a few alternatives when it comes to iPad mini keyboard cases and most follow one of two styles - the clip on front cover type that leaves the back of the iPad exposed and the leather folio type that open up to a fixed position for typing. The Perixx Periduo-801 is similar to the folio type but makes use of a clever magnetic system to allow you to detach the keyboard and move it around as you please. This has the added benefit of letting you select a wider range of stand positions as well as finding a more natural/comfortable typing position. It seems a simple set up but the flexibility this allows should not be overlooked. The PERIDUO-801 is compatible with iPad mini 1, 2 and 3.

    Included in the package are the folio case, Bluetooth keyboard and micro USB charge cable. On initial inspection, the case is made from plastic as opposed to leather which at this price point is no surprise. Thankfully, the quality of construction is good and it doesn't look or feel cheap. The iPad is held in place by a form fitting back section that the mini clips into. This secures the iPad well and I have no concerns over things slipping. You have full access to all parts of your iPad including the camera and even the secondary microphone on the back. The case is secured by a magnetic flap that folds from the rear to the front. This will also hold the front cover to the rear when folded back making it easy for you to interact with the screen.

    The Bluetooth keyboard is obviously around the same dimensions as the iPad mini and the keys have a good range of movement for the size and respond well. Power is supplied by the built in rechargeable battery and while I haven't had a chance to calculate a run time, I have used this for around 5 - 6 hours typing time since I have received it including writing this article and I have yet to charge it up.

    The case front cover and the keyboard have a series of magnets that hold the two together, much in the same way that the Apple smart cover does when attaching to an iPad. This allows the keyboard to be stored inside the case and offers a solid wall of protection to the iPad's screen when closed up. The keyboard also has small rubber bumpers top and bottom which protect the iPad but also stops the keyboard from sliding on smooth surfaces.
    The left edge of the keyboard houses the on/off switch while the right hand side has the micro USB charging port allowing you to charge it up even when closed up in the case. An indicator LED on the top right keeps you informed of the status of the device.

    Pairing is achieved by simply turning on the keyboard and holding down the function and Bluetooth keys - the led will flash blue when available for pairing. No pass code is required and this is a one time setup. Once paired, the keyboard subsequently connects automatically when powered on. When typing, there was was absolutely no lag and performance was great. The keyboard felt surprisingly good to type on considering the very slim chassis. Function keys also worked with iOS functions so you can, for instance, change volume directly from the keyboard.

    The keyboard comes with a US layout which may irk some International users but truth be told it is no great hardship to use Shift + 3 key to get the £ sign for example. Typically the minor changes only affect little used characters so shouldn't be a deal breaker for the majority and the great thing is that iOS maps the keyboard to the currently selected regional settings so you don't need to retrain your brain to work with the keyboard layout.

    Perixx have a vast selection of peripherals and accessories and I think the PERIDUO-801 is one of the best. The only real caveat is the cramped size of the keyboard but that is dictated by the size of the iPad mini and not by some poor design choice. I actually think they have done well with spacing things out in such a small keyboard and it is definitely preferable over the onscreen keyboard for any extended amount of typing - being both larger and offering true tactile feedback. I would still opt to use a full sized keyboard when at home but on the go, this is a great package.

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