Adonit Note for Pencil capable iPads

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    Looks like we have another choice for good iPad styluses.

    The Adonit Note’s description shows it as compatible with the same iPad models as the Apple Pencil and Logitec Crayon; and with the same features as the Crayon. The main differences between the Crayon and the Adonit Note appear to be the the charging port (micro-USB instead of Lightning), form factor, and price.

    The Apple Pencil goes for between $100 and $130 (depending on version). The Logitec Crayon is listed retail at about $70 (though I’ve seen it on sale for about $50). The Adonit Note is listed on Adonit’s site at about $50.

    Like the Crayon, the Note does not have pressure sensitivity; which makes it less desirable than the Pencil for art and illustration work, but more than adequate for handwritten notes and annotation. I use the Crayon for this on my iPad Mini, and am very pleased with the results.

    I suspect that the Note is a reverse engineered version of the Crayon. If they had worked with Apple the advertisement/announcement would have probably included some Apple promotion, and a lightning port instead of the micro-USB. Hopefully there wont’ be any after the fact bickering.

    The orange silver flattish Crayon looks like it belongs on a child’d device; which is fair since it was designed for the K-12 education market. The black version of the Note would look much nicer hanging off the side of my iPad Mini’s case, and would feel more like a pen. I’m probably going to get one next month.

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