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    so I've been a long apple user/owner but i tested out the new galaxy note 10.1 2014 version and fell in love with the s-pen. in my line of work i meet with clients all the time an take lots of notes, so instead of actually taking notes with pen and paper naturally i would love to use my iPad air so i can always keep the notes on me. So my question is what is the best iPad stylus out there, I've looked into the jot script a little and it seems to be a winner maybe. my second question is what do you recommend to use to take handwritten notes on the iPad. I prefer to have the palm rejection technology and be able to write directly onto pdf files and save them individually. please tell theres a app for that and which one is best and why.
    thanks for your time
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    I've got a Jot Script on the way. The reviews I've seen so far seem to sum up as; it works pretty well, for an iPad Stylus, but no as well as the real pen-replacement stylus that everyone dreams of. A couple others on the forum have already received theirs.


    You won't find a stylus that works as well on the iPad as the Note 10 tablet. The technology is different. The Note series of Samsung products are designed to work with a stylus from the ground up. On the iPad, styluses are a third party workaround.

    Still, they may work well enough for what you want, and I (personally) like iOS well enough that I would not trade it for just a better stylus experience.

    As for apps;

    Penultimate is free, and designed to work with the Jot Script, mostly improving the palm rejection. Grab it and see how well you like it. It works well in conjunction with Evernote, if you already use that service as well.

    Evernote, Penultimate, and Skitch together make for a very powerful and flexible note taking/keeping solution. The only downside is that many powerful features make for a higher learning curve, at least if you want to get the most out of them. You'll also have to pay for the premium account ($5 a month) to get all the bells and whistles. Worth it if you're going to use the product heavily (in my opinion).

    There are other apps optimized to work with the Adonit Jot series of styluses. If they don't already support the Script, I would expect them to do so soon.
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    I've used an Adonit Jot Classic for years---with an Ipad One, Three and now an Air, just got my second one. Its non BT and i use it and it feels much like a regular ballpoint. I use it in Noteshelf, noteability, Goodreader, Bamboo, Paper, procreate, etc. I've heard good things about their new BT stylus but I'm very attached to my Classic.I'm not limited to apps nor do i have any kind of learning curve--I write normally and with wrist protection in those apps that have it. i don't have to pay for an upgrade either. My writing looks exactly the same as my writing on paper. I use it many times each day.

    I use Noteability to annotate pdfs among other things. I've tried many note apps but it is by far my favorite.
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    Look for the slick-tipped ones rather than the foam tipped ones since friction, but don't avoid spending 40-50$ on a single stylus since its not always price = quality product. I also recommend the Adonit mentioned above. I've yet to have an issue with mine, which has lasted me about a year and a half or so. I bought 3 for 42 at the time, and I'm still on my first, gave the other 2 away. For the cost of about 20 bucks each, they're a pretty good investment

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