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    Mentioned in the iOS 6 presentation was a quick blurb about something called Action Sheet. From the information put out, it is a variation on the pull down list in apps like Photos and others were you can send an item as a email, message, twitter, facebook, or other places. Apparently, it will replace the list with a icon file. If what I am reading is right, this may be a very valuable resource. Instead of just a listing of a few permanent items, what if you can create a file sheet that is customized for your needs. For example, I never twitter or Facebook and would love to be able to remove such things from the options. In some programs, I would love to have easy ways to send things to dropbox, or various other applications. What if I could create a one click way to send something to my wife's MacBook, or my work computer? I do not know what the possibilities might be, but if these things were possible, it could make some functions really nice. Unfortunately, Apple is not saying a lot about Action Sheet, but there is always hope for great things.

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