AppleInsider is reporting today that publishers who want to offer subscriptions to digital versions of their magazines on the iPad are finding that Apple is allegedly rejecting their subscriptions from the app store, without telling them why.

According to AppleInsider, last month Time Inc. had the...

A pretty decent free sports iPad app has been released by Score Media for all the sports fans out there. It's called theScore iPad Edition, and it offers the latest stats, news, scores and standings from every major sports league, while integrating the best content from The Score's multiplatform properties - The Score...

I don't know if you, like me, happened to notice recently some rather, um, adult titles appearing in the iBooks Top Charts on your iPad and/or iPhone? Well it looks like Apple did, as they've all vanished from the chart in one fell swoop, leading to accusations of censorship. In a report today, the Telegraph notes...

Bloomberg is reporting today that Apple has been sued over a possible overheating issue. It says that the complaint revolves around claims that the iPad overheats and doesn’t work properly in hot conditions. The complaint was filed on July 23rd in federal court in Oakland, California, and seeks unspecified damages...

Wired gives the heads-up on a fascinating survey on MyType Blog that looks at the personality types of iPad owners and their critics, coming to the conclusion that the whole pro- and anti- iPad debate can be summed up as a clash of very different personalities.

Between March and May 2010, MyType questioned over...

Website Erictric is reporting a strong rumour that it says comes from a trusted source within Apple who wishes to remain anonymous, that Apple will be offering customers the chance to get their new iPads engraved for free, just in time for the holiday season, as has previously been the case with iPods in the past....

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