CNET UK has an excellent feature today explaining exactly how you can get the BBC iPlayer on your iPad. For starters, the article says that you should forget all about using the iPad’s proprietary browser, and instead download one of the alternative browsers from the App Store that are available primarily for the iPhone, but can also be installed on the iPad, such as Sphere Lite, Atomic Web Browser Lite, or Perfect Browser 3. According to CNET, all three browsers were able to load the iPhone version of the iPlayer on their iPad, as well as playing radio and video streams.
To get full-screen video using this work around, use the 2x zoom feature. The quality isn’t that great, apparently, but it’s better than nothing!
It’s always possible of course that the iPad will one day get an official version of the iPlayer, but don’t hold your breath waiting on the BBC.

By Maura Sutton, iPadForums.net
How to get BBC iPlayer on the iPad - Crave at CNET UK

Apple has today announced that it will be holding its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) from June 7th to June 11th at San Francisco’s Moscone West. The five-day conference will include the first ever iPad development sessions, and hands-on working labs for iPhone OS 4, as well as Mac OS X core technology labs.

“WWDC provides a unique opportunity for developers to work side-by-side with Apple engineers and interface designers to make their iPhone and iPad apps even better,†says Scott Forstall, Apple’s senior vice president of iPhone Software.

Five iPad and five iPhone Apple Design Award winners will be announced at the conference, with winners being selected from the App Store based on criteria that includes design, technical excellence, innovation, quality, technology adoption and performance.

Last year, of course, the iPhone 3GS was shown at the WWDC, so it’s highly likely that the iPhone 4 will be introduced at this year’s conference.
Check out the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2010 website for registration and more details about the five technology tracks at developer.apple.com/wwdc.

By Maura Sutton, iPadForums.net

Apple has released iTunes version 9.1.1. The new update fixes several issues and bugs and also adds a few new features for the iPad!
  • Addresses several stability issues with VoiceOver
  • Addresses a usability issue with VoiceOver and Genius Mixes
  • Addresses issues with converting songs to 128 kbps AAC while syncing
  • Addresses other issues that improve stability and performance
  • Sync with iPad to enjoy your favorite music, movies, TV shows, books and more on the go
  • Organize and sync books you’ve downloaded from iBooks on iPad or added to your iTunes library
  • Rename, rearrange, or remove Genius Mixes

According to this great feature on Bloomberg.com, artist and legend David Hockney is a huge fan of the iPad, and has already started using it to make art. “I have got an iPad, what a joy! Van Gogh would have loved it, and he could have written his letters on it as well,†Hockney texted the author of the feature, Bloomberg’s chief art critic, Martin Gayford. In the article Hockney reveals that he was already a huge fan of the iPhone, but says that the iPad’s larger screen takes his iPhone art to “a new level.â€

Hockney had previously used his iPhone to produce hundreds of drawings that he liked to send to his friends for free. Now, instead of using just one finger to draw the bouquets of flowers that he likes to send to his friends every morning, he can use all of his fingers to draw much more complex pieces. Hockney says that drawing in this way is even easier than using a real pencil or brush – “I can change colour or the width of the mark very rapidly on this, quicker than with an ordinary computer.â€

Hockney also likes the fact that the iPad and iPhone are luminous, reflecting light in the same way that a stained-glass window or a mosaic might, and that motivates him to choose luminous subjects and themes, such as sunrises, or flower vases with water in them that catch the light. He also finds that the iPad can reproduce every move that he makes in rather flamboyant style – “I’ve realised that I can do performances.â€

By Maura Sutton, iPadForums.net
David Hockney?s IPad Doodles Resemble High-Tech Stained Glass - Bloomberg.com

The New York Times is reporting today that Apple has snapped up Intrinsity, the small Austin, Texas, company that makes chips for mobile devices in partnership with Samsung. It is thought that Intrinsity’s Hummingbird chip is one of the most important parts of the iPad’s A4 chip, which Steve Jobs called “the most advanced chip†that Apple had ever used in a product. According to Apple, the A4 chip is what makes the iPad’s 10-hour battery life possible, as well as speeding up the software.

All that Apple has had to say on the matter so far is this typically mysterious comment from Apple spokesman Steve Dowling: “Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we do not comment on our purpose or plans.â€

According to The Times, Microprocessor Report analyst Tom R.Halfhill believes that Apple paid $121 million for Intrinsity, which The Times speculates Apple most likely acquired in order to add to its pool of chip talent and maintain an advantage over its competitors who buy off-the-shelf components.

By Maura Sutton, iPadForums.net
Apple Buys Intrinsity, a Maker of Fast Chips - NYTimes.com

PopCap Games has today announced the launch of its “Show Your Bejeweled Love†contest as part of the game’s 10th anniversary celebrations. The contest, which starts today and ends on May 26th, is open to residents of the US, Canada (except Quebec), and the UK.

Participants must submit a YouTube video which illustrates their devotion to Bejeweled in two minutes or less. Submissions can be as weird and wacky or as fun and fanatical as you like. Prizes worth $5,000 in total will be awarded to the top 10 entries, including two iPads which have each been emblazoned with custom-designed “Bejeweled 10th Anniversary†engravings, and a limited edition notebook PC. Here’s Jason Kapalka, co-founder and Chief Creative Officer at PopCap and co-creator of Bejeweld, talking about the competition:

“More than half-a-billion people worldwide have played Bejeweled over the past decade, which still blows our minds. Their enthusiasm for the game is unquestioned, and we thought it would be fun to reward that incredible devotion in some way.â€

The entries will be judged by members of PopCap’s art and game design teams, and will be base on the following criteria: enthusiasm, presentation, and knowledge of Bejeweled. The best entries will be posted on the site throughout the duration of the contest. You can find out more about the competition, including the official submission form, at Bejeweled.com - Official site for Bejeweled - the world's #1 puzzle game..

Check out the video after the jump!
By Maura Sutton, iPadForums.net

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