PopCap Games has just released an HD iPad version of its massively popular and multi-award winning iPhone game Plants vs. Zombies, and it looks like it’s proving to be just as big a hit on the iPad as it was on the iPhone, with many customer reviews citing it as a must-have purchase and one of the best games on the iPad so far.

Since the game first appeared for the iPhone/iPod touch back in February...

Social gaming company Jirbo has today said that its daily iPad downloads are already equal to its daily iPhone downloads, with users having downloaded over 100,000 iPad apps from Jirba since launch day. Jirba usually reckons to sell over one million iPhone/iPod touch app downloads per months, and the company is reporting that iPad-specific apps such as Doons, Paper Football, Break, Slider, Jirbo Says and Marble Mash are...
The video is finally available for us lowly masses to watch.

Ironically it won't play on my iPad.

Apple - QuickTime - April 2010 Apple Special Event

Apple has today had the great unveiling of the iPhone 0S 4 software, which will be coming to iPhone and iPod touch in the summer, and at the same time Apple has also confirmed that a version of iPhone OS 4 will be released for iPad this Fall. The seven main “tent poles†of the software, as Jobs called them, are multitasking, folders, enhanced mail, iBooks, enterprise, Game Kit, and iAd. Although the press conference...

Chitika is a large advertising platform on the internet, so they see a wide arrange of browser combinations and eyeballs. They take a look at the number of unique iPads that get served a chitika ad, then extrapolate that based on the number of regular devices that see an ad and estimate a number of iPads sold. Suffice it to say, it's not 100% accurate but it is a good...

How popular is the iPad at airports already? Well, it's right behind the iPhone as far as devices that access the internet that aren't full "laptops". Pretty good for only being out for 5 days or so :) Here's the full quote from Boingo:

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