Engadget Reports the Patent Office has granted Apple some 13 patents, including #7,653,883 for a proximity-sensing multitouch screen. That's right, granted -- as in, Apple can file lawsuit if others infringe these ideas now. (Usually we just look at patent applications, which have no legal weight.) The proximity-sensing screen is obviously the most interesting of the bunch, since it's actually related to those same Apple multitouch patents we've been seeing forever -- it describes a touchscreen that can detect when an object (like a finger or a stylus) is close to the screen but not touching it, and then offer up context-dependent controls based on what it detects. Imagine seeing window controls when your hand gets close to the top of the window -- it solves the problem of your finger covering the display. Of course, we have no way of knowing whether it'll be in whatever device is announced tomorrow -- but it's certainly interesting. There's also a fun little design patent granted on the external design of the third-gen iPod nano, and then 11 other patents covering things like color management, bandwidth detection, and, uh, "Method and Apparatus for Selectively Switching IC Ports to Card Slots Through the use of Three Switches per Switch Group." Riveting, we know. Check the full breakdown at the read link.

[​IMG]Patently Apple...
Very interesting news. The McGraw-Hill CEO was on CNBC earlier today to report their 4th quarter results and actually confirmed the Apple Tablet. He didn't name it by name but he did confirm it would be an e-Book platform and is based on the iPhone OS.

You can watch the video @ CNBC here: Video -

A possible interpretation of the Apple event invitation could mean more then we first thought. Stare it at long enough and you start to see the colors lining up with the brands of major carriers.

A new report also claims:

T-Mobile USA Inc. will get the phone this summer, followed by Verizon Wireless and Sprint Nextel Corp. in the fall, and Clearwire Corp. in 2011, Horan wrote in a note yesterday. AT&T Inc. has been the exclusive carrier since the iPhone debuted in June 2007.

media-market-ipad-pricing.jpg has just posted information of a tweet from Media Market, the largest German electronics retailer that might have leaked a little to much information about the new Apple Tablet.

The tweet read the new Apple iPad will go on sale March 1st at a price of 499 Euros with a contract from T-Mobile or 899 Euros with no contract.

This could mean a rough price between $500-$600 USD under contract and roughly $899 USD without.

Shortly after the tweet was posted it was removed. I do believe the price range is correct, however I still have strong doubts against the iPad name.

You read it right! The "all new" iPad is an Amazing Widget for your Mac OS X Dashboard.

About iPad
A note pad in the shape of the white iPod with video, with an elongated screen to fit more text.

What’s New in this Version
- Now on an iPod with video (5g)
- New font face and size
- Now overflows with a scroll bar
- Updated graphics

Download it free from Apple's website here: Apple - Downloads - Dashboard

I know this wasn't exactly what you were expecting, but I thought I'd toss it out there anyway :) Just one more reason I believe the iSlate name will stick.

This news may finally put Apple's Tablet debate to reset. The NY Times is now reporting the new Tablet will run current iPhone and iPod touch Apps.

This reports coincides with an earlier report from Flurry indicating that 50 "tablet" type devices were detected running iPhone Apps. (

The latest rumors indicate the Tablet OS will be the iPhone OS v3.2. However I still think a major new life changing product deserves more respect then that, here's to 4.0!

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