Comcast-xfinity.jpg reports today that Comcast’s new Xfinity Remote prototype has been creating a lot of excitement since it was demoed by Comcast CEO Brian Roberts at the Cable Show 2010 in Los Angeles yesterday. quotes leading music industry blogger Bob Lefsetz as saying “So far, we haven’t found an app that demands purchase of the iPad.

Today, we’ve got one.†And as you can see from Comcast’s...

Following on from being served with a patent lawsuit in March by Apple, which accused it of infringing on 20 patents, Taiwanese company HTC has issued a press release announcing that it is in turn filing a complaint with the United States International Trade Commission, suing Apple for “Patent Infringementâ€. The press release mentions five alleged HTC patent infringements by Apple products that are outlined in...

TUAW has a feature today all about how to get GPS on your jailbroken Wi-Fi iPad, using a new application, BTstackGPS, which provides integrated core location for Bluetooth-enabled devices that don’t have onboard GPS.

The app costs $5 from the Cydia store and comes from the same developer who created BTstack , which enabled iPhone OS units to interact with external Bluetooth devices such as keyboards.

To use BTstackGPS in...

ZDNet reports today that Apple has updated a support document which deals with the issues that some users have been experiencing with Wi-Fi on their iPad. The document refers to the fact that “A very small number of iPad users have experienced issues with Wi-Fi connectivityâ€, which is probably a little more accurate than ZDNet’s statement that the iPad has been “plagued by Wi-Fi issuesâ€.

The Apple...

In a research report published today entitled “Usability of iPad Apps and Websites. First Research Findingsâ€, usability expert Jakob Nielsen looks at the usability of 34 iPad apps. He found that while the first generation of iPad apps are certainly regarded as “beautiful†by users, many users were also frustrated by trying to figure out where to touch in order to interact with them. “It’s the Wild West all...

It's already out but not in a polished form, however SwirlyMMS has their app working on the iPad (Jailbroken only) and promises to have a fully polished user interface done within the next few weeks.

You can watch a video here:
[ame=]YouTube - MMS on the iPad using SwirlyMMS![/ame]

You can read the full article here:...

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