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Zinio Reader and their books?


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May 6, 2010
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Beaumont TX
I have the Zinio desktop app on my MacBook and it works great. I have one college textbook that I bought for a previous class but we can use that one again.
Anyways can the Zinio iPad app read their Textbooks? and The other magazines I have already downloaded on my computer?
I don't have an iPad yet and will probably be getting one in the next few months. I have looked all around their website and couldn't find it. And google searches were just talking about viewing and downloading magazines on the iPad itself, and nothing about their books.
I thought I would ask here first and see if anyone has any experience with this and will probably email them soon.

I sent Zinio an e-mail and this is what I got back.


Thank you for contacting Zinio Customer Support.

Thank you also for your interest in our new iPad App!

We're thrilled to anounce that the Zinio Magazine Newsstand and Reader for iPad is out in the U.S. Store!

You can find it by clicking here.

With thousands of titles at launch and several more to come in the following days, we are set to revolutionize reading!

Our Unity Platform will allow you to access your entitlements through all our supported devices.

Just install the application and any titles that are iPad ready, and that you already own, will show in your library for you to download.

If you already have Zinio files on your computer, please note that these can't be copied over to the iPad directly.

The iPad format must be downloaded to your iPad through the App, but you don't need to purchase a new entitlement! Your library will sync thanks to our buy-once-read-anywhere convenience.

If there's a title you own that you don't see in your library, give it some time. Our entire library of tens of thousands of issues will soon be available for iPad.

Currently there are practically no books from Zinio available on Ipad, but if you give me the title of the book you're asking about I can check if this is close enough in the timeline for you to get it for your class.

We are working diligently to offer access to our entire catalog of thousands of magazines and books -- including back issues -- soon. For the most current available titles, please open the Zinio iPad app and tap the “Shop” tab at the bottom of the screen. We encourage you to install the app even if your current Zinio subscriptions are not yet available. All iPad app users will receive a free sample issue.

Please share your feedback with us and write to [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns.

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