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Windows Live Mail sync with Ipad

TheBigCheese said:
I don't think they support imap so you are out of luck unless you access their email via the web browser if that works.

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OK, thanks for your help anyway.
reddragon said:
I have both a desktop and laptop running Windows 7 and use Windows Live Mail for my mail. I have recently purchased a 32G Ipad and love it but have yet to find a way to sync the emails between Windows and the Ipad. Anybody have a solution to this problem or am I just missing something obvious?

The issue here is iPad doesn't synch with Live Mail. It synchs with your mail server. So after reading the mail on your iPad the mail item remains on the server unless you have set it to delete from the server after reading/deleting. The problem her, is if you set the iPad to delete from the server after reading you won't be able to read it on the PC. You have to decide which is going to be the primary device for email and setup the delete after reading accordingly on that device. For me, I use live mail more than I use the iPad so to prevent vast tranche of email coming to my iPad when I do use it. I set live mail to delete after I delete it and also to delete from server after 5 days. The alternative is duplicate email. Think of it as a backup and not a hinderance. I reckon it's better to always have it backed up on Live mail
Been following conversation as have the same issue.. what is exchange!? i currently have a windowslive mail account.. Thanks
I use windows live mail and it syncs really well using the Exchange setting on the iPad.

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thanks for the help. I think I was hoping for too much. I still have to delete or file messages on all machines.

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