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Will the 16GB be ok for me???


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Dec 31, 2010
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I am going to buy an Ipad 2 (as soon as I can find one). I definately only need wifi and not 3G. I will be using it to keep a few itunes movies/shows on it, maybe 200 or so songs, maybe 300 - 500 photos and a bunch of apps. Is it likely that 16GB will be ok for me or should I go up to 32? Thanks
If you can afford the 32 get it.
It's better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it. Everyone says "I'm only gonna use it for......" until they get one. :)

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i have the same amount of items you described on my 16 gig ipad and still have 11 gig available, which i don't know if i will ever use.
I purchased the 16gig version and decided rather quickly that I needed to return it for a larger model. I keep very few videos, songs, and pics on my ipad, but what I did discover is that a lot of the apps that I enjoy are incredibly large in size.

My apps alone take up about 9 gigs, and the ipad's preinstalled items used up two gigs. That only left me with about 3 gigs, which would only cover 1-2 movies if I want to have some things when I travel.
I am very lazy and leave things on my iPad for ages, even when I don't use them so for me a 64 GB was a necessity... Saying that though my original iPad was 32GB and I reckon I could have easily got away with a 16GB if I deleted apps when I was finished with them.... As long as you backup in iTunes regularly you should be good to go, and also remember to delete magazines etc you download when you finished reading them as some of the newer interactive magazines take upto 0.5 GB for each issue....
No, in all probability, it will not be enough

And, as to finding one - apple.com, make your selection and wait one to two weeks for it to magically appear.
I have 108 songs, 127 photos, and 167 apps at present with 10GB still available on my 16GB, so that might give you an idea. Within that too, I have 24 Kindle books, a few PDFs saved across several programs, 1 book and 5 PDF files stored in iBooks, and several PDFs stored in Save2PDF.
well I have the 64gb wifi, I love it, plenty of room, I recommend getting that one, have you seen the size of the games that are coming out, like dead space 2....1gb right there....so I recommend 64 gb......:)
I'm on board with most everyone else. Almost got 16 but oh so glad I got the 32. 16 is just not enough if you plan on having any sort of movie or music collection, let alone all the apps and acquired data. I'll def spring for a 64 the next go around.
If it is choice between a 16gb iPad and no iPad then I would say go for it. However, if you can afford a bigger one I would get it. There is no way I could fit everything I have on even a 32gb iPad, 16 would drive me nuts.
Look at my space. I thought all I would need is 16gb. But as you can see, only a handful of apps takes up a lot.
79 apps may seem like a lot, but that's only 4 pages of apps not including the apple apps that come with it.
So, as others have said, if you can afford it, go for 32gb.


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