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WIFI Only IPAD 2 and GPS with 3Gs Iphone


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Nov 2, 2011
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This is my first post. Great forum!

I am not sure if this can be done or not.........I have a WIFI Only IPAD 2 and I have a 3GS Iphone on ATT. We are going on a trip soon and I know I can download apps to use my Iphone as a GPS. I was wondering is there a way I can hook my IPAD 2 and 3GS together via cable, WIFI, Hotspot, etc. and have the GPS on the IPAD and just use the Iphone's data stream ? We have a great place to set up the IPad for the trip and it would be great to use that screen when the time arises.

Thanks for any info you can offer!


Both systems have the OS 5 upgrade.......
I may be wrong (it's happened frequently), but I believe you're out of luck. If I'm correct and GPS functionality is important to you you might consider getting one of the GPS receivers designed for the wifi iPad. Two such receivers have gotten good reviews. One is from "Bad Elf" and the other is from Dual Electronics. Each sells for less than $100 on Amazon. (Just do a search.) There has been discussion of utilizing various phones' GPS functionality when tethered to an iPad. However, I don't think that's possible at all with the 3GS (again I may be wrong) and the tethering feature with other phones is at best problematic in terms of sharing GPS functionality. (And you don't want to buy a new phone simply for that functionality, anyway.)
I've really been curious about this myself. I just did a Google search on "iPhone GPS to iPad" - one of the returns took me to a "Wired.com" site with the entry "AirLocation Sends GPS Data From iPhone to iPad | Gadget Lab ...

The developer's website has this statement: "AirLocation on your iPad will now track your location based on GPS data provided by your iPhone." However the Apple Store user comments seem to refute that claim, saying it only uses Cell Tower Triangulation. I'll look into it some more myself, and thanks for the prompt to do so.

Hope that link isn't against the rules (I'll find out). I just did a copy and paste on the Google text. Anyway, take a look.
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