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Wi-Fi router recommendation


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Jul 23, 2010
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My present router is a D-Link DI-614+. It is about 10 years old and is not supported by D-Link any longer. It is 802.11b only.

I plan on replacing it with a new, faster router. I have 4 remote devices connected by wire and a PS-3 connected by Wi-Fi. I will be receiving my iPad soon and it will make a second Wi-Fi connection. I have a cable modem, it is very fast 25mb/s +.

What would be the best router for my needs? I want to get the fastest/best, price is not a problem.

Really, just about any 802.11n router will do. What you get as the price goes up is a stronger signal over a wider area. Now that being said, I have a D-Link DIR615 802.11n router that was on sale for $20 from Best Buy. Now you really can't go cheaper than that!

We live on 3 acres and the router is in the "man cave" as indicated by the red arrow.


When I mow the law (on a tractor of course), I use my iPod Touch to listen to streaming audio and there are NO dropouts anywhere and the iPod (which is a 2nd generation) only works at 802.11g!

The moral of the story is that you should get a "decent" router, but for home use, there is no sense in going over board. Save your money for all those cool apps!

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