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Where did my camera go?


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May 18, 2011
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I have several iPad's, an Air 2, a Mini2, and an iPad 2.

The camera problem is on the ancient iPad 2. I just turned it on because I'd been neglecting it for a few weeks, and I noticed there's no longer a Camera app to turn on the camera. There's one for Photos, but there seems to be no way to turn the camera on anymore.

I don't really use the iPad 2 for it's camera, so I'm not sure how critical a problem this is. I'm just wondering why I can't turn the camera on anymore. Anyone else here have a similar issue? Suggestions for fixing it?

maybe there's something wrong with the actual camera in the iPad, and not just the app to get to it?
Either the app is hidden in a folder, or you restricted it's use. Go to Settings - General - Restrictions. Under "Allow", Camera should be enabled. If it isn't, then this is the reason why you can't find it. Turn it on to get the app back again.
That was it!!!

Thank you! I knew it probably had to be a settings issue. I just couldn't figure out which one.


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