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Shared tv shows...


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Dec 26, 2011
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Hi all,
I have just rebuilt all of my home media into a new setup consisting of a mac mini connected to a Drobo disk array holding 1.5tb of films, tv shows and music. Then I fitted up a new apple tv 2 so I could stream video to my main tv, plus we have two iPads and wanted to stream content o them to, this is where it went sour.
It seems there is a well known bug in shared tv shows on iPads where the series do not list correctly instead they are repeated and jumbled up, it also only lists the first twenty or so series (repeated). This renders the system unusable for obvious reasons.
I have tried tagging different parts of the sort data etc but to no effect. The only thing which sort of fixes it is the series ID number, but it only works when serially incremented for the whole library, this makes adding series or episodes a nightmare.
Is there a fix for this on the horizon, seems quite a serious mess-up?

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