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What are you guys doing right NOW??? ;)

Try forgetting your network on the iPad, then turning the router and iPad off for 10 minutes, both back on, and finally rejoining your network on the iPad.

However, swollen lithium ion batteries should not be ignored. It's usually caused by overheating during a charge, and can indicate the battery will fail soon, possibly catching fire in the process.

I recommend you replace the battery, if possible, or see getting a new router if not.
thank you done and done … the old iPad powered right back up..but the old wi-if wont..(fully charged new battery) after that 1st time.. it wont turn on at all the oem power supply is fine..I’ve check it too… and the iPad reads the new wi-if unit but i get an error Trying to connect….i’m not really concerned with using it… but most anything relative to a mystery gets my attention.…oh and if my couple post here need to be relocated …. That’s fine.


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