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Web "Application" Icon/Local App Feel


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Feb 18, 2012
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Kansas City, MO
I work for a large contractor in the Midwest and have been developing a comprehensive web application for estimating, tracking, etc, etc. The app is coming along nicely, I am a certified Apple Developer but for the sake of provisioning much faster and rolling out changes effectively I have chosen to run the application from the web for now.

I ran across a few snippets of HTML that could be added to a page(s) that removed the Safari scroll bars, address bar, etc, and allowed for the use of a custom icon. This gives the user the feel of a native app. I cannot seem to find this information again.

If anyone knows what commands to use I would really appreciate it.

Thank you in advance!
Hi Mrharris--I am not familiar with this topic, but perhaps some of our forum members are. Hopefully, as they come through they will see your post and lend you a hand. Also, you may try searching for some of your questions there while waiting.

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Best Wishes and Enjoy!
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