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Jan 10, 2012
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west wales
I installed the France iPad wallpaper, when I click on installed items it shows as being installed, but how do I install it as springboard wallpaper, I cant find it anywhere.:confused::confused::confused:
I've not used any wallpaper themes from Cydia, but here's my attempt at helping: Go to your Settings app > Brightness & Wallpaper > Wallpaper and see if those pictures are anywhere in there to select.

If I understand these wallpaper themes correctly, they just put the images into the stock location where Apple puts the default pictures. So, they should be right there.

If not, holler back and maybe someone else (who uses them) may be able to help. Sorry I couldn't help more...

check in setting > wallpaper & brigtness
Thanks for the suggestions but I have checked all over the place, they are definitely installed, but I can not see them any where, I have removed the theme and reinstalled it it loaded OK but the damn thing just sits there in the installed section with a green tick at the side of it.:confused:
i tried to search the french wallpaper on my cydia but couldn't find it ... but it happened to me once when i tried to install a bookshelf kind of wallpaper from cydia, it said installed but i could not find it anywhere ... tried to contact the developer no replied .. so i thought it was a waste of time, maybe it was only for iphone .. so i just removed it again with cydia ..

sorry i cant help you with this ..
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maybe the french wall paper is not compatible to IOS 5.x.x ?? .. i might be wrong just to figure out all possibilities here ..

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