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Unofficial iPad Facebook App Appears on App Store


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Jan 17, 2010
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ElectricPig.co.uk is reporting today that an unofficial Facebook App has appeared on the iTunes iPad App Store, and is in fact already in the Top Ten iPad Apps list! The app costs $2.99, and is bound to be attractive to iPad owners who want to get Facebook on their iPad, but as ElectricPig points out, the Facebook Ultimate app is getting really bad reviews (352 1-star reviews out of a total 403 reviews when I last looked!), probably because it’s not actually an official Facebook iPad app. Facebook Ultimate is actually the work of previously unknown company Ultiapp. ElectricPig suggests that iPad owners who really can’t wait until Facebook releases an official app (which shouldn’t be too long), might like to take up Facebook Lite designer Rob Goodlatte’s suggestion via Twitter to use Facebook Lite (of course!) while you’re waiting for the full app to show up.

By Maura Sutton
[Source: www.electricpig.co.uk]

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