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Transferring Pictures from Smartphone


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Jun 18, 2010
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I have a Droid Incredible I'm going to be taking pictures with, without having to either remove the SD card each time and using the adapter, is there a cross platform Android/IOS app that can remove view files over BT or Wifi?

Does anyone have any experience transferring the regular OBEX method between an Android and the iPAd? If its easy enought I'll stick to that but I'd really like a solution that I could view the Droid as a share or drive and mass copy files.

Thanks in advance
I gave up on getting help. Bump is the best solution.

I tried the camera adapter, when I plugged the Droid in the iPad said the accessory was drawing too much power and shut it off.
I am quite interested in this as I have a WM HD2. It also shuts down with an underpower warning. Windows has the option of not charging when connected by USB cable. If this option is ticked, the connector cable works, but........the photos are transferred as a mirror image, requiring a flip is photoshop to correct!!

Ideas why?
How about e-mailing the photo with your Droid to account you have on iPad, open and save pics to iPad?
I think there is a photo bucket app for droid, upload all your pics to photobucket. Then on your iPad using the photobucket app, you can download and save all the pics that you have uploaded from the droid.

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