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Titanfall: Assault RTS Game Out Today on iOS


iPadForums News Team
Jun 7, 2010
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Titanfall Assault out today.JPG

Nexon, Respawn Entertainment, and Particle City have today released Titanfall: Assault on iOS, a new mobile RTS game set in the extended universe of the best-selling Titanfall franchise.

Gameplay sees players building and using a deck of virtual cards to deploy Pilots, Titans, and tactical Burn Cards in synchronous multiplayer battles.
“When we set out to create Titanfall we wanted as many gamers as possible to have a chance to explore and experience this deep, action-packed universe,” said Vince Zampella, CEO and co-founder of Respawn. “Today, we’re one step closer to that vision with the launch of Titanfall: Assault which brings a fast, fun and strategic head-to-head multiplayer experience to the millions of mobile gamers worldwide.”

In the free-to-play game the player takes on the roll of Commander, creating the ultimate squad of Pilots, Titans, and Burn Cards to fit their own playing style. In order to win the battle on the Frontier, you must adapt your strategy to suit the variety of maps, which include familiar locations and unique environmental elements.

The Hardpoint Domination mode sees competitors battling to control the map or to defeat the enemy base. Players can also visit the Hangar to view their cards, edit their squad, and upgrade their Titans, Pilots, and Burn Cards. By visiting the Guild, players can work together to achieve weekly Guild objectives, share replays, and challenge their Guild friends to friendly matches in order to perfect their squads.
Titanfall: Assault combines the iconic fluid action of Titanfall with a competitive RTS experience to bring the series in an exciting new direction,” said Larry Pacey, co-founder, Particle City. “With its tale of interplanetary conflict and massive mechs battling for the upper hand, the Titanfall universe has all of the ingredients for the type of real-time strategy games we love to play.”

Click here to download the free game: Titanfall: Assault on the App Store

Source: Nexon

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