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TIPS AND TRICKS - for those of us who don't know!

Don't come here that often since it's changed. The more complicated internet gets the less I bother.lol
Once you get used to it, I think the new forum software is easier than the old. But it is a new thing to learn, and sometimes that's an unwelcome effort.
That's why I like using TapaTalk. It's especially useful if you participate in several forums and each one uses different forum software. So instead of having to learn how to do things in each forum, you just learn how to do it with TapaTalk.


Sent from my iPad Air using Tapatalk
On the other hand, the Tapatalk app has been going through a lot of changes recently as well. :)

Mostly they've been to the good, but it has required a bit of re-learning.
My tip……..Sometimes it pays to steer clear of very old threads [emoji6]
Well, those 10 y/o threads do bring back memories - I so miss the 30-pin adapter on my first iPad (2) - 👎 😎
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