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iPad Secrets

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Jul 6, 2012
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Secret iPad Functions
Some of these have been explained before, a few others though, I'm just learning about for the first time. Hopefully others will like to know these steps too.

The interface for the Apple iPad was designed with simplicity in mind, but it has many functions that make its operation more efficient. Apple doesn't supply much literature with its devices to explain these lesser-known functions, but understanding the shortcuts when using an iPad can improve your experience dramatically.
Physically shake your iPad to undo the last action you performed, such as editing text or deleting an email by mistake.

Capital Letters
When typing with the on-screen keyboard, a capital letter can be inserted quickly by holding your finger on the screen after pressing the shift button and sliding it to the letter you wish to capitalize. The keypad will automatically revert to lowercase when you lift your finger off the screen.

Numbers and Special Characters
Instead of repeatedly tapping the button that switches you between the keyboard and the numbers and special characters screen, keep your finger on the screen and slide it to the number or character you wish to insert. The screen will automatically revert to the QWERTY keyboard when you lift your finger off the screen.

Address Bar
When using the Safari web browser, tapping the bar along the top of the screen will jump the browser back to the address bar at the top, so you don't need to scroll back up manually.

The iPad's on-screen keyboard has a button for quickly entering the domain ".com" when typing a web address. Holding this button down brings up a contextual menu allowing you to choose from a list of other domains, such as ".net," ".co.uk," ".org" and more.

When typing, double-tapping the space bar adds a period. This can also be achieved by tapping the space bar with two fingers at the same time.

The Apple iPad is a large-form toucscreen-controlled device similar to the iPhone and iPod Touch and is capable of running more than 50,000 applications available on the iTunes App Store. Its user interface was designed with simplicity and intuitiveness in mind, allowing anyone to easy access its basic functions. There are a lot of shortcuts and operations that aren't widely promoted; knowing the intricacies of iPad operation can make the device far more efficient to use.

iPhone Apps
The iPad is capable of running the vast majority of existing iPhone and iPod touch applications and can scale them to double their normal size to better fit the iPad's larger screen.

Rotation Lock
A small switch on the side of the iPad allows you to lock the screen in its current orientation. This is useful when reading or watching video content, as it prevents the motion sensors from automatically rotating the book or image.

Caps Lock
The keyboard's caps lock feature is turned off by default. To activate it, open the "Settings" application, tap the "General" menu, and enter the "Keyboard" settings. Slide the "Enable Caps Lock" switch to "ON." Double tapping the shift key will now activate caps lock when typing.

If a web page contains a frame with its own scroll bar, sliding two fingers up and down within the frame will scroll its content but keep the rest of the page stationary.

Open New Tab
If you want to open a link in a new tab, tap and hold the link. A contextual menu will pop up, allowing you to either copy the URL or open it in a new page.

To quickly mute the audio, press and hold the volume down button on the side of the iPad.


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