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The Call Manager app for iPhone, Iphone App, Call Manager App, App for iphone


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Apr 29, 2012
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The Call Manager app for iPhone

Never forget calls any time or call to late!

Everyone knows the problem: everyday correspondence happens mostly via mobile phone. And of course sometimes it happens that one or another necessary phone call is simply forgotten.
From now on you don't have to be bothered by such incidents any more. The Call Manager app is able to manage your whole phone correspondency.

This means in detail:

• Always keep all of your telephone activities in mind. Never forget any phone calls that are still necessary to be made – the Call Manager app will remind you

• Never forget again any calls back in case of the other participant was temporarily unavailable or busy the last time. Again the call manager takes action and reminds you of persons yet to contact

• Call Manager app also reminds you of calls that are particularly scheduled – never disgrace yourself again in front of business partners by having forgotten any phone conference or something comparable

How does the app work? It is very simple: the app software can be synchronized easily with your Iphone address book. Of course you may also add any contacts manually to the app.

Phone calls via call manager app are classified into four categories:

 subscriber is busy
 subscriber is temporarily unavailable
 call subscriber back later
 subscriber spoken successfully

Depending on the particular category, it is up to you to program another date to retry calling a subscriber who was unsuccessfully called before. The call manager app will remind you on time. Additionally, the Power Dialer may independently call down the list of unsuccessfully called subscribers after activation.

The category subscriber spoken successfully is able to send automatically a short message after you finished the phone call. Of course call manager also contents a call history which gives you the opportunity to keep all of your conversations in view.

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