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Teething problems with my new iPad


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Mar 2, 2012
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Due to having forgotten my Dynalink modem installation password I had to get help from Dynalink to get connected to wi-fi at home. One of their technicians duly got me connected, with a wi-fi address in the wi-fi-connection box and a tick against that address name. He also gave me a new password. Unforotunately, he did not ask me to try using the icons as, since then, although I still get the connection without being asked for a password, none of the icons work. I know I am definitely connected to wi-fi as the icon shows at the top of the iPad and clicking on, for example, apps shows as "downloading" but it does not and the NZ Herald icon does not work, as it did at the library. I am wondering if the padlock symbol showing next to my wi-fi address means I should be asked for a password?
All very frustrating - help!


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Feb 24, 2012
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Afternoon Baradon.

The padlock next to your wifi address means its a secure network (has a password) so any old random walking past your house can't use your wi-fi. If it was the tech that gave you a password, I'd be changing it ASAP.
Try uninstalling the NZH app and reinstall. I've just installed it and it works fine for me.
Also try a soft reboot on your iPad. (hold the top black button down until the 'slide to power off' comes on. To restart, click the black button again.
If that doesn't work, try a full reboot by holding down the black button for 15 seconds until it all powers down (ignore the 'slide to power off' and keep holding down the button).

When you restart, the iPad should auto-connect to the wifi.
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