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Jan 6, 2012
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All if my family and as of this Friday I'll be included when I say all because my new iPad is supposedly being delivers have WiFy only because of cost considerations.

First the purchase price on each iPad would have been $100 or more higher.

Secondly I purchase insurance on all of my small electrical toys ASAP. This is due to my 20 year olds talent for accidentally destroying iPhones. I also take into consideration my personalized version of Murphy's Law which guarantees that if I don't have the insurance something bad WILL happen. With the higher price on the 3G version being so much higher the yearly premium for each iPad increases over $50.

Lastly, once you've justified the extra expenditure up from there's a two year commitment at $50 per month for 5 GB data plan. [AT&T].

I called today and evaluated data usage on all four of our iPhones and was surprised to learn even though we're on our phones surfing all the time our usage ion no way justifies the expense of the unlimited data plan. $30 per plus 4 phones and tax.

I had AT&T delete unlimited data on my phone and replace with 5 GB tethering plan. My bill will increase only $20 pus tax per. AT&T informed me all four iPhones plus an LG i pay service for my brothers use don't come close to 5 GB.

Now whenever we're out as a family we can all ignore each other and play with our iPads. I suggest everyone check will your provider to see if the data limits your paying for justifies the price.

I haven't tried it yet but in my opinion the concept is peachy king.

Please post your experiences: problems and cures.

Thanks. :

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