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Swapping between 2 apple ID's


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Oct 17, 2011
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I recently successfully changed my apple ID email address. However, when I go to the apps store and attempt to download an app, my old email address is displayed in the login window and I am requested to put in my password, which is not accepted. Since I have changed my email address I have, on a daily basis successfully updated a previously purchased app, which I assume is linked to my old email address. I have read somewhere that if you have purchased apps under the old email address you will NOT be able to update them if you are signed in with your new Apple ID email address. I have 3 questions:

a. How can I get my login to default to my new Apple email address?

b. Can I continue to update my previously purchased apps if I am logged in with my new email address?

c. If I can't use my new email account to download updates, how do I swap between the 2 accounts

Thank you in advance. :eek:
a) Settings - store, logout and login with your new account

b) No you need to swap to the account they were bought on.

c) See a)

Just to confirm, have you actually created a new account (in which case the above applies for two accounts) or have you just changed the email address of your original account, in which case you haven't got two accounts and once you have done a) everything will work as it did before.
The only thing that has changed is my email address, the billing and credit card details remain the same.
I have just noticed on your reply you said I would have to log back in with my old email address to update my app. If I log out of the apps store and sign back in with my old email address how can I get access when it wont accept my password?
You now have two Apple IDs and you will need to use the old one to download any updates to existing apps. If you don't remember your password, you can reset it in iTunes
If I login to iTunes, it only shows 1 account with my new email address!
I wish it was that simple!
I am reluctant to sign out of my old account (with my old email address) because once I do and try and log back in it will not accept my password. I can successfully log into my iTunes account using my new email and PW. If I try and log in with my old email address it will NOT accept my password. When I originally changed my email address I didn't realise that this would cause problems with my previously purchased apps. Surely when you log into your account you should be able to change your details without effecting previously purchased apps. It seems to me that by amending my email address I have inadvertently created a new account! Help!
As I suspected you haven't got two accounts (and this is whats confusing everyone), you've merely changed your email address associated with your account.

Just sign out of your account and then re sign in with your new email address and everything will be fine. As you haven't actually changed accounts you don't have to worry about updates and apps being tied to different accounts.
Many thanks, I will do as you suggest, and hopefully everything will be fine with my updates.

Thank you again

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