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Suggestion for case


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Nov 26, 2013
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Original iPad Mini. I have a Amazon.com: MoKo Apple iPad Mini with Retina Display Case - Ultra Slim Smart shell for Mini 2 (2013) and Mini 1 (2012 Edition), BLACK (With Smart Cover Auto Wake / Sleep): Computers & Accessories case and I love it. But I recently dropped the iPad on a hard floor and it has a small crack at the top right corner but just on the bezel. The display is fine. The crack is a typical spider-web thing.

I can't stand to look at the damage to my beloved iPad. I tried a few Amazon.com: SupCase Slim Fit Folio Leather Case Cover for 7.9-Inch Apple iPad mini, Purple (MN-62A-PL): Computers & Accessories folio type cases that cover up the bezel but I found that the cover goes too close to the display screen and obstructs operation of some buttons, depending on the app.

Is there a iPad Mini folio-style case (with back and attached front cover with magnetic open/close) that covers up *just* the 4 corners but leaves the rest of the bezel alone?

Help? Thanks


iPF Novice
Nov 3, 2013
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Not sure if this is something like you're looking for? The Belkin Quilted iPad Mini Folio Case.


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