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Stuck pixel problems question.


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Jul 15, 2010
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I've been reading the forum and I found a thread about stucked pixels. Well I'm on the same position I've bought an iPad 64gb 3G+WIFI just the date of release in Spain. After some use and after nearly 2 months from that day. My iPad just showed up an Stucked Pixel.

Well, that's the problem: I'm far from Spain, exactly in Belgium, and I would like to get my screen/ipad replaced. I'm not sure if you can get service on a different country from where you bought it.

Second problem: My iPad comes from a PremiumReseller and not from an Apple Store (and not from AS Online). So... are the terms and conditions the same like when u buy it on an Apple Store. Do I have the right to get my iPad replaced?

Is there any way of repairing it myself?

Stucking pixels are... absolutely annoying.:mad:

Thats all. Sorry I know that there're a couple of threads about stucked pixels.

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