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Should I update to iOS 12.1.1?


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Dec 22, 2018
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I have purchased this iPad 6, or iPad 2018. And I am loving it, it's a very capable device. Display is gorgeous, and everything is very smooth. Non-laminated display is not an issue at all. I have used laminated screens before, and I was worried that I might not like it. But this iPad has a gorgeous display.
I need a suggestion. Mine shipped with iOS 11.4.1. And it's working perfectly fine, it does everything I got this iPad for. My question is, should I update to iOS 12.1.1?

1) How does it affect the battery life? Will it be worse?
2) Will it affect its multitasking? On iOS 11.4.1, I can multitask easily. Tabs in Safari don't reload, and can have multiple apps in the background. Does iOS 12.1.1 change it? For the worse? For the better?

I am looking for honest answers. Thanks
Welcome to iPad Forums!

This is a new device, built for the latest software. Everything should work as before, there shouldn’t be any problems. If our members notice issues with a software/a device, they post it on iPad Forums, while looking for help. I can’t remember major problems with iOS 12 and the most recent devices since it has been released.

Multitasking still works in iOS 12, battery life and performance should be better than with iOS 11.

One of the reasons for keeping the iPad up to date are the security features that Apple includes in every update. You’ll also get a few new features and bug fixes along with every update.

I’d suggest updating to the latest software version.

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