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Setting up linked iPad

Bruno Mars

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Aug 14, 2014
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I purchased an iPad at auction. The iPad was erased but when I attempted to set it up, it stated that the iPad was linked to an apple id. I was able to contact the owner to ask them to remove it from their devices and they said that they would. After 3 calls over a period of 3 weeks the iPad is still linked. How do go about setting it up now? Help???????

J. A.

Super Moderator
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Nov 11, 2012
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Apetlon, Austria
Hi, Bruno, welcome to iPF!

As long as the iPad is still linked to the previous owner's account, there's no possibility for you to set it up as your device. That's a security feature which came with iOS 7, and there's no way around this. Sorry!

This is what the former owner has to do: http://support.apple.com/kb/PH2702
(Remotely erase)

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