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Security Holes


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Jul 14, 2011
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Sparta NJ
Hey all,

What patches or downloads do I need to get after using JBM 3.0? I was told about PDF patcher 2? I also think someone told me about another patch? I am ITCHING to JB my Ipad 2, but like to browse the web and sometimes by things from ebay and such. My biggest concern is about security holes or downloading an APP that might capature my info when I enter it. Anyone else feel this why and what can I do to pervent it? I know I need to patch somethings from the start correct?

Contrary to general belief, jailbreaking does not install any security holes whatsoever. Jailbreak you iPad 2, install the PDF patcher, and you are good to go.

Problems only arise when you downloading something from a 3rd party repository, and especially illegal repositories.

So go ahead and jailbreak!

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