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Screen Display

K Kamal Singh

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Sep 8, 2014
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I purchased an iPad Retina in 2013.

It was working perfectly until about 15 days back. All of a sudden, WHILE I was using it, the entire screen got cloudy and everything was only faintly visible. The problem was only with the screen, the apps were working perfectly and screenshots of the screen I emailed to myself were absolutely clear. There had been no physical damage to the iPad for sure.

Then after about 5 days, the haze started clearing from the centre and after using it for about 20 minutes it clears off completely. So essentially, now, when I start using it in the morning it is completely cloudy and slowly clears out in 20 minutes.

The warranty expired 3 months back. Due to oversight of the date I didn't register for an extended warrant. The apple service centre, I took to, restored the iPad but that didn't help.
Now the only solution they have for me is a replacement refurbished piece (the same model) with a 3 month warranty at an exorbitant cost. This is definitely not a feasible solution.

Also, the fact that the screen gets absolutely clear and normal after 20 minutes of use leaves me confused. It means there is possibly no permanent damage to the screen proper. Maybe a software or a connector fault. With this in view, I think it is not a sensible idea to have a replacement at a high cost.

Please help! Is there anyway I can fix the screen.
I was using the iPad for most of my work and now I'm totally helpless

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