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Samsung Gear S2 Watch Gets iOS Compatibility With New Beta


iPadForums News Team
Jun 7, 2010
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Samsung Gear Manager iOS app gets beta release.JPG

Back in January, Samsung announced at CES that its Gear S2 would have iOS compatibility later in the year. Now, 9to5 Google reports that Samsung has announced a beta program for the iOS Gear Manager app, and then a wider release for the app after that.

As you might expect, the Gear S2 is already supported by all Android devices, complete with several compatible third-party apps, customizable watch faces, and features such as Samsung Pay.

Now, with Gear Manager, the Gear S2 will also be compatible with iOS devices, albeit in a slightly more limited way, providing the ability to choose what notifications the watch will receive, customise how you use the watch, and download Gear apps.

Currently the app’s beta program is only available to people in South Korea. However, when the program concludes on September 19, it’s expected that there will be a wider launch, possibly to tie in with the arrival of the Gear S3 that is due to be announced at IFA in Berlin on August 31.

Sources: Samsung Gear S2 and Gear Fit 2 gain iOS compatibility in limited beta program

iPhone and Samsung Gear S2 support draws closer as iOS app leaks

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