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[Rumors] iPad 3 May Hit Stores March 16th with LTE, Dual-Core A5X CPU, 1GB Ram


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Jul 27, 2011
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The actual Apple press event for the launch of the next amazing iPad is about to begin in just an hour and a half, yet the rumors are still flying! This latest set of rumors is a great follow-up to Maura's awesome find of the enhanced haptic touch technology that could be in the next iPad. According to the newest "rumint" the iPad 3 (which may be called the iPad HD instead) will sport a dual-core A5X CPU with enhanced graphics to power the insane super-hi res display it will likely to have. The other rumors suggest that the iPad will have 1GB RAM and come with LTE for both Verizon and AT&T.

The last exciting rumor is that we will be able to purchase the gorgeous device as early as March 16th as that is the expected retail launch date! On a separate note, even Verizon is getting in on the marketing frenzy, and are teasing that "Something is Coming!" This seems to indirectly infer that the device will likely have LTE tech, since Verizon is the biggest LTE carrier in the Nation. We shall soon see if these exciting rumors pan out.

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