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Rogers, Stacking unused data

Bruce S

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Jan 3, 2011
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Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
When reading through Rogers iPad data plan I found that unused data could be stacked so I took the 250 Meg plan. Until Sumer most of my usage will be WiFi and I though I could save up unused data for Sumer RVing. After the first 2 months of using only 50 Meg's I found my unused data was not added to the next month's data. After re-reading I now know why, see below.

"Stacking Your iPad Plans

If you haven't reached your data usage limit yet, but would like to purchase more data you may purchase another plan by selecting the Settings icon from your iPad home screen and then select the Cellular Data tab and tap on the View Account button. As well, when you reach 20%, 10% of your data allowance remaining, you will be presented with an option to buy another plan. If you purchase a new plan before the 30 days are up, any data you have remaining on your current plan will be stacked to the newly purchased plan, and your 30-day billing cycle will be reset to the date that your current data plan's usage finishes."

To me it looks like a pain to stack data and forget about stacking more than 500 Meg's on a 250 Meg plan. Has any Roger's users tried this?


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