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RDP and/or VNC apps that support Bluetooth keyboards


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Apr 12, 2011
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Hello all,

Wondering if anyone has any insight on my question here, if I missed a related post in my previous search attempts please direct me:

I'm looking for a suitable RDP client app that not only let's me remote desktop into a windows box but will also correctly map all keys from a Bluetooth keyboard that I've paired with the ipad2(I'm thinking Apple's Bluetooth one or the zaggmate). there are plenty of RDP and VNC apps out there but wondering if anyone had tried it with use of full keyboard support. What I'm getting at here is with these tools I'd be able be use the iPad as a netbook.. essentially running windows on it but by way of RDP thin client that is portable and dual purposed(along with touchscreen capability!)

for example I looked into the iTap RDP app as it looks pretty intuitive in usability but their support told me unfortunately not all keys on the bluetooth keyboard can be properly sent over the RDP app due to an iOS limitation.. such as the function, and direction keys..too bad..

anyone else come across this that could shed some light? are there any tweaks developed in the jb community to enable this?

I prefer RDP over VNC since I find VNC way slower while RDP is windows native and built into the OS core.. so you could say its more 'realtime' vs VNC's jpg mapping.. but both could be an option. thx in advance!
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Jan 8, 2011
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Milton-Freewater, OR
I can confirm that while Spashtop can be used with a Bluetooth keyboard, not all key functions are mapped to the desktop. Cursor keys don't work, for one. That's using the Apple keyboard.

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