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REI Tech Wrap Computer Sleeve (my thoughts)


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May 7, 2010
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After seeing a brief review on the Tech Wrap from REI, I decided to give it a shot. I work 5-6 hours out of my car every day and need a quick grab and go type of bag that holds just enough to get me through those hours. This bag has been fine so far for my tasks.
It's not the biggest bag nor the smallest. Just right IMO to carry the daily essentials until I can get home. If you're looking to pack more things, look elsewhere or get an additional bag to use when needed.

The front and back of the sleeve is fairly padded and is stiff. It should provide adequate protection to the iPad in addition to what most already have on their devices (cases, screen protector).

Construction on the sleeve feels good. The stitching is even and is well put together. I'm all about longevity. The sleeve also uses YKK zippers and not junk hardware.

REI Tech Wrap Computer Sleeve (Size XS, black)

Fully loaded with my essentials for the day.

The back

Front zipper storage (Clear 4G, car chargers for hotspot and iPad, small flashlight, and earphones in a plastic bag)

Opened up

It's fits!

Yes, construction matters. YKK zippers.


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