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Problems syncing apps onto ipad from itunes


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Feb 12, 2011
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Okay so I am new to this and I am having major problems downloading apps with itunes. I was able to download apps directly form the store onto my ipad, but recently it will not let me and tells me that I have to use itunes. So I went through and downloaded the apps onto itunes. Now I can not get them onto my ipad. It says to to sync apps. I sync the apps and it then removes all the other apps on my ipad. If I don't have the sync app applied, my ipad screens under apps is grayed out and I can not access them. Not sure what to do at this time.

Any help would be awesome. :eek:
I am not sure why you're having this problem. The normal way of getting apps onto the iPad is directly from the App Store app that is built into the iPad. I don't know why it's asking you to use iTunes. As you've found out, using the sync facility on iTunes is a real pain.

Don't worry if iTunes has deleted apps from your iPad. The App Store remembers which apps you've paid for and you can re-install them without paying.

A good 'fix' for any number of unexplained iPad 'problems' like this, is to completely switch the iPad on and off - rather than just, as most people normally do, putting it to 'sleep'.

To switch it completely off, as you probably know, you have to press *and hold* the power switch. Once the screen has gone completely blank - takes a few seconds - press *and hold* the power switch until the white Apple icon appears. It then takes about 10 seconds for the iPad to power up (during this time the screen orientation is disabled, so don't panic). Eventually the iPad plays a short 'jingle' and a couple of seconds later you're back in your 'Home' screen. Try using the App Store again and downloading the apps. See if the problem persists.

If it does, don't hesitate to come back to the Forum and I'm sure we'll have some other suggestions!!

Good Luck

Okay so I am new to this and I am having major problems downloading apps with itunes. I was able to download apps directly form the store onto my ipad, but recently it will not let me and tells me that I have to use itunes.

In the long term, it's a good idea to find out what the issue is that's not allowing you to download apps via App Store directly onto your iPad, since having to work through iTunes is such an annoyance.

In the short term, however, you can re-download all your apps to iTunes (authorize the computer with the same account you purchased the apps with), then arrange your icons and sync them all to iPad.

If you ever have apps on your iPad which are not in iTunes, you can copy them over. I think the command is File > Transfer Purchases from (name of iPad) - this will copy the apps on your iPad over into iTunes.

What I think confuses a lot of people is the way iTunes syncs: it takes what you have on iTunes and makes your iPad an exact copy of it. Therefore, if you have apps on the iPad which are not in iTunes, and you haven't "transferred purchases" (to iTunes) yet, the sync effectively removes those apps from iPad.
You need to get your accounts synced up. It sounds like you inadvertently created a second iPad account. That account ties to the app store as well as the desktop you have iTunes on. If the account is different then iTunes keeps a different copy fo what apps you have, what music you are authorized to sync and so forth. I wound up with a second account when I formatted my desktop and reinstalled windows. I gave the computer a different computer name and iTunes created a different account for it. Now I have to re-establish the apps, music and the documents to go docs list. It's a real PITA so I have not done it yet. I just put my docs on Dropbox so as to avoid using iTunes altogether. I don't care about music and my apps are just redownloaded from the app store. Lockers have never worked for syncing for me so that's a nonissue for me too.

iTunes sucks. It creates too many problems unless you do things exactly they ay apple wants you to. Too many restrictions so I just leave it alone.

Trouble syncing ipad from itunes

I am having the same problem as Kris. The reason it asks to go the itunes is the download is too big. the app is in itunes, but how to you get it to your ipad? The app has been disapearing from my ipad as well when I try to sync it. PLEASE HELP!!! :confused::confused::confused::confused::confused:
Just one more point - just in case......

Were you trying to download this big app using 3G? Apple imposes a 20MB limit on the size of download via 3G for apps. Anything larger than this either has to be sync'd using iTunes or downloaded directly to the iPad using WiFi.

So, if you trying to use 3G, have another go but with WiFi instead.

If that's not the problem, get back to us again and we'll have another go at finding a solution.

Hi Tim

Yes, the apps over 20mb is the reason why they need to be downloaded from itunes, however, the problem I am finding is that the app is in itunes but how does it download to the ipad. I have tried right clicking the app but thi is not it. There is no instrusctions on getting the app back onto the ipad from itunes( on my computer)
Hi guys i have an iPad "1" and iTunes it doesn’t sync apps to my iPad.

during the sync processes it says – determining apps to sync then stops sync process?

what is wrong and what can i do?

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