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Problem with WiFi sync.


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Aug 31, 2011
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I'm constantly having difficulties with this new feature in which you have the ability to sync your iPad to the computer without having to connect it to the computer (through WiFi). The problem that I'm having, is that, for some odd reason, iTunes would no longer detect my iPad anymore, and this happens basically once a week. And I repeatedly have to connect my iPad to the computer so iTunes can then detect my iPad through wifi again.

I would like this to stop because I take a lot of pictures and I love photography, and having the ability to just plug ONLY my camera in the computer and not my iPad, then just click the button that syncs my photos is really handy.

So, is there a way to for sure keep my iPad connected to iTunes for maybe like, forever? Lol. One problem that might have to do with iTunes losing connection with my iPad is that, occasionally I leave my house with my iPad, and maybe I have to reconnect it, but shouldn't it detect it with wifi in sense my iPad automatically picks up the wifi signal?

I don't know, that may be one problem, and hopefully some of you people had the same problem and solved it so you can enlighten me on how to fix it. Thanks!!

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