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Problem With Safari


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Jan 24, 2013
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I don’t know how to delete the post. It’s only happening with Microsoft Bing.

So I have a new iPad mini and I’m having a problem with Safari that I didn’t have previously. When I type something in a search engine and then go to correct something I typed, I insert one character and I’m automatically sent to the end of my sentence. I can no longer insert to correct. I’m out sure if I’m explaining this clearly. Any thoughts?
I am not completely sure what is happening, but maybe this will help.

Tapping on a word, or series of continuous characters will either select the word, or place the cursor at the beginning or end of the word. There are a couple of ways to place your cursor manually.

Tap and hols in the edit box near the word. Depending on you OS version a magnifying glass. little window, or floating cursor will appear and you can slide your finger around to place it. This isn’t working well in iPadOS 13 public beta very well at the moment, or so my tests show. They will probably fix it before final release.

The second method is more reliable. Slide two fingers on the touch keyboard to move the cursor. If you hold the fingers still for a bit, you can start selecting text. This is a bit trickier.

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